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Parsnip presents recipes in an easy-to-learn format by labeling the underlying technique behind each step. This anchor point, along with tracking your skills progression helps users of all levels make incredible food easily while seeing how they're progressing.

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Parsnip guides you through recipes by cooking technique.

Learn what it means to dice, saute, or simmer, step by step. By focusing on techniques that are shared across many different recipes, practicing a particular recipe means you're getting better at making related recipes.

Parsnip teaches you the basic building blocks of cooking and tracks your progress in six key areas.

Ingredients, Tasting, Preparation, Heating, Finishing, and Foundations.
Master these skills and you'll be a master chef.

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An early preview..

Our team is eager to get this in your hands, but please keep in mind that this is an early version with a limited set of features. We're actively developing, so check back often for updates! Sign up for our mailing list below.

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"What a revolutionary approach to cooking! I can't stop using it." -Asher W

"I've saved countless hours and bypassed loads of frustration. Thank you, Parsnip! XO" -Edith T

"My wife is impressed with my newfound cooking skills. My secret weapon is Parsnip." -Robert P

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